Don’t get wet, get smart.
Automation not only keeps you dry. At the press of a button you’re in your garage safe secure and dry. Automation can be fitted to most garage doors BUT your door must be in good working order for it to work. We are happy to check this out for you and repair it if necessary

What happens when the power goes off and you can’t use your hand set?
If you have access into the garage thorough a side or rear door you simply pull a cord on the automation and use the door manually, If not then a key switch is fitted to your garage doors and you open the doors from the key.

Why not let A1 Garage Doors automate your Gates.
This can be done in two ways, fitting the automation unit under ground is the best but also the most expensive as its all most invisible and the most secure. Then there is the rear mounted units which are fitted to the rear of your gates. This all comes with hand sets that we open both the gates and garage doors. Time locks and manual overrides are also available.Time locks and manual overrides are also available.

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